For Ladies who

      want to score a

            great lifestyle!

For Ladies who want to score a great lifestyle!

You’ve landed in the right spot! It’s never too late to get into the game of golf. Ladies golf is a great way to make friends, enjoy the great outdoors and be part of a lifestyle you can enjoy for years to come!


Golfing Your First Charity Scramble

So, as I was beginning to write this article, I was thinking about a title and I contemplated the word “scramble” but exactly what does that have to do with golf.  So, I looked up the word on my online dictionary…. and there’s a bunch of definitions, none...

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My First Ladies Golf Trip

One thing I have learned as a new golfer at an older age, it can be somewhat perplexing tofigure out how to make connections with other lady golfers to go on golf trips. The wholeprocess can seem pretty hit or miss depending upon who you meet, finding ladies who...

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Egg White Quiche

This recipe is super-quick and super delicious!  No need to spend time making a quiche with a carb-loaded, labor-intensive unhealthy crust.  In fact, this version is easy, healthy and you can make it your own with your favorite spices and ingredients. I had these...

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Why 10,000 Steps Per Day? Manpo-Kei… That’s Why!

I love to walk. I have a great woodsy park near me with all sorts of walking paths. When the sun is out, I am definitely taking the dog for a walk. The terrain is flat in some spots, and very hilly in others, but my little dog and I love the challenge. Walking outside offers varied proprioception — the neural-muscular response to stimuli that helps keep the brain engaged during…

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