Best Golf Books

Feeling Naked On The First Tee by Ann Kellyst Tee by Ann

"Feeling Naked on the First Tee" by Ann Kelly

Ok Beginner Golfers!  This quick easy read has been a beginners bible for anyone who has stepped out on that tee box as a beginner because it  answers those questions from a newbie perspective so you can play your first rounds with more confidence.

Womens Guide to Golf

"Womens Guide to Golf" by Kellie Stenzel

Kellie wrote this book for beginner golfers to answer all those pesky questions to get you confident on the golf course. She offers great anecdotes, simple ways to remember key points along with a thorough explanation of the game.  This book delivers one of the most accessible and comprehensive golf instructionals written for women.  

A Girl's On-Course Survival Guide to Golf

"A Girl's On-Course Survival Guide to Golf" by Christina Ricci

A perfect little resource for the weekend player, avid golfer, or the corporate executive who needs a crash course fast! Includes rules and etiquette, on-course do’s and don’ts, mental strategies along with some advanced tips and tricks.

The Heart of Golf by Joan King

"The Heart of Golf" by Joan King

Golf is a life changing spiritual experience where the author guides you through the learning levels to help you achieve peak performance without struggle, thinking or effort.  

Best Golf Movies

Founders Movie

The Founders

In 1950, thirteen women golfers came together to create the Ladies Professional Golf Association. This extremely well-done documentary will inspire you to push through those tough days on the course.  Highly recommended.

Greatest Game Ever Played

The Greatest Game Ever Played

This movie is based on the true story of how amateur golfer, Francis Ouiment, challenges golf pros Harry Vardon and Ted Ray in a match for the US Open Championship in 1913. The movie has great photography, suburb acting and is truly inspirational. 

Bagger Vance

The Legend of Baggar Vance

A mystical caddie arrives to aid a WWI veteran as he competes against Bobby Jones and Walter Hagen in a high stakes game. The cast is phenomenal and the story is wonderful based on the book by Steven Pressfield.



This 1980 comedy classic is a must-watch. With veteran comedy actors like Rodney Dangerfield, Bill Murray, Chevy Chase and Ted Knight, this fun-filled flick captures golf course antics from the caddies point of view.  Grab the beer, popcorn and your golf buds for a fun movie. 

Best Golf Programs for Beginners

Lisa Longball Golf School

Lisa Longball Golf School

If you are a lady looking for a great instructional and golf experience as a beginner or intermediate golfer, I highly recommend Lisa Longball.  I attended Lisa’s school in Las Vegas when I was very much a beginner golfer and I honestly had one of the best experiences.  Click here for more information. 

Are You Course Ready? Take the Quiz!

Women on Course is a wonderful organization with chapters around the United States. They offer clinics, travel opportunities and is an excellent resource for all playing levels.  Check out their website and take the short “are you course ready” golf quiz.

Nancy Lopez Golf Adventures

Nancy Lopez Golf Adventures

I just returned from a great trip run by Nancy Lopez Golf Adventures and I can honestly say it was extremely well-run and so welcoming for golfers of every level. Her organization hosts many travel adventures as well as her famous “Play Happy” instructional programs which are highly rated. 

LPGA Amateurs

LPGA Amateur Golf Association

Many beginner ladies shy away from this organization because they think the members might be too competitive.  However, there are chapters everywhere which run beginner clinics.  Check out the chapter in your area which can be a great place to improve your golf game.