There are so many great travel groups out there it’s hard to choose which one might be right for you!  There is something for everyone. Here is just a sampling of web sites that feature amazing golf trips … please check their schedules because of the current travel restrictions.  And, even if your plans are currently on hold, now is a great time to research all there is to offer.  I know that I can’t wait to begin to travel and as I visit different places and take advantage of these travel groups, I will report back about my experience!   Check back often for more great travel sites!

Road Scholar

“Tee off at some of the world’s most extraordinary golf courses on programs created for all ability levels. Hone your golf game with top professional instructors and enjoy plenty of time to practice your grip, stance and swing with fellow golfers”. …Road Scholar

Who would ever think of Road Scholar as a place to find golf lessons and clinics?  I was pleasantly surprised to learn they offer instructive golf and sightseeing programs.  I would definitely call to get the makeup of the participants in their program before you book since these are not specifically ladies only.  If you can find a buddy to travel with, this might be a great option for you.  I know I am definitely interested in these types of programs with a nice mix of golf and sightseeing.  They have programs in New Hampshire, Florida, George, Arizona, Utah and more.  Go to their website at   (to find their golf programs you will need to put the word GOLF in the search bar).

Women On Course

“Golf Redefined…. We believe golf is more than a game. It’s a lifestyle that empowers women to succeed at work and enrich their social lives. Our variety of experiences provide the freedom to participate and will leave you feeling inspired.”

This site is definitely worth checking out.  Women on Course has quite a few chapters sprinkled around the United States which offers some great beginner golfing opportunities and travel programs, some partnering with the Women’s Golf Journal ( Head over to their website to learn more about what they have to offer.  I was signed up for the Palm Springs Adventure and another travel event last year, but as life would have it, my family ended up with some health issues that forced me to drop out.  The organization couldn’t have been more gracious with my inability to travel and handled my cancellation without question.  My goal is to sign up for another travel program and head out to a golf adventure with this group. Go to their web site at

Senior Golfers of America

“The Senior Golfers of America was founded in 1976 as a traveling country club for senior golfers. We create exclusive bucket list experiences built around great golf, great people, and great memories. We are retired or semi-retired, are serious about self-improvement, and enjoy the camaraderie of belonging to a great club.” …Senior Golfers of America

This organization is not specifically a ladies organization, but I do know ladies who enjoy being a member.  Because it is a senior golfer organization, it is likely that there are a number of “single” members who enjoy the camaraderie that this organization offers. The organization has been around for a while… as it says on its web site.  They host a nice amount of travel opportunities if you are ready to jump in and take your game on the road.   Go to their web site at 

Nancy Lopez Golf Adventures

“Love, Laughter, Joy And Confidence Through Golf

Nancy Lopez Golf Adventures provides the opportunity to learn from the most recognized female golfer of all-time and the Nancy Lopez Golf Adventures instruction team.”

Just being on Nancy’s website makes you smile and her motto “Play Happy” captures the essence of what golf should be.  I had the privilege of meeting Nancy Lopez at the 25th Anniversary Meeting of the EWGA* organization in Williamsburg, Virginia.

I have always wanted to attend one of her golf adventures which is definitely on my bucket list.  She offers travel adventures within the United States and outside of the country.  The reason I would consider her golf program is because they are geared for women.  Let’s face it, there’s lots of golf travel opportunities out there for the guys, but when a bunch of gals can get together and enjoy golf, it makes it more fun and not so competitive, especially as a beginner and/or intermediate golfer. Go to her website at *EWGA is now part of the LPGA Amateurs