Why is it most golfers simply flub the putting process.  It seems as though the game is going pretty good with those drives off the fairway, those chips onto the green and then it’s time to putt. It feels like we worked really hard to get to the green and now it’s time to hurry and finish the hole so we can move on.  Some players will not finish the hole and take a gimme, others will putt past the hole several times and just pick up, and invariably there’s that one golfer who announces “let’s pick up the pace there are other golfers behind us” when you’re up. Great, no pressure here.  Yup, we golfers are all too familiar with letdown on the green when we miss that putt.

The fact is, most golfers have pre-determined thoughts in their head as they step onto the green.  You know what it’s like – you’re on the green, you’re doing your best to relax, the putt doesn’t look too bad… and then your arms or wrists do something stupid, or you miss contact with the ball, the putt is missed and silently there is that momentary let-down.  You do these actions enough times and you have ingrained a pattern of negative mind-to-body putting connection which can be difficult to overcome.

The key to overcoming the negative thinking is to get you to stop focusing on what has gone wrong before or what might go wrong this time.  This negative thinking can totally distract you from the positive outcome you should be concentrating on. Positive pre-talk will make sure you have the best mindset about your putting mechanics, your thinking, and your performance! Hypnosis can help direct that pre-talk.

How does hypnosis help you on the putting green? To putt reliably you need to train your emotions to automaticallyrelax and put yourself ‘in the zone’ every time you putt. Hypnosis is the optimum “off course” training tool because every putt is “perfect” when you practice hypnotically.  When you repeat this, just like with ‘in-person’ regular practice, the brain learns (perfectly) what you want from it. Then when it comes time to make the actual putt, your preparation is in place. The goal is to program your mind-to-body connection to relax on the green and deliver your best putt. The act of powerfully rehearsing the desired movements in your mind ‘grooves out’ the mental path, so your brain knows exactly what to do.

Ultimately, you want to match the mechanics of successful putting with positive thoughts to achieve a positive outcome. As a weekend social golfer, it would take a very long time to re-train the mind-to-body connection which ideally happens when you are able to practice your putting at a consistent level. I can almost wager you are not practicing enough to experience enough positive putting to change.  Hypnosis can help fill that gap with a technique that activates the brain’s ‘reality simulator’ to create and establish a new set of neural patterns associated with effortless blending of the mind with action where all sense of self and separation melts away.  

Enjoying the green with ‘Putt Like A Pro’ self-hypnosis script gently starts to steer you into a more positive mindset.  Playing golf is meant to be fun, and the more you enjoy yourself, the better you play.  And when you have success on the putting green, the success carries that positive feeling over to the next hole.   Simple, isn’t it. Think of the ‘Putt Like a Pro’ hypnosisscript as your personal mental practice session. Ithas been put together to help us social golfers relax on the green and improve our game.  Many of the top pro’s use the secret tool of self-hypnosis.  Why shouldn’t you?

If you are interested in learning more about the premier hypnosis website called Hypnosis Downloads and the “Putt like a Pro” hypnosis session (which can easily be downloaded using their smartphone app) just click on this link below to which takes you directly to their site. Happy Putting!