Most amateur and social golfers simply don’t have the time to get out onto the golf course everyday to practice and play.  And when they do get onto the golf course,  they set expectations of  impossibly high standards for a round of golf.  It’s no wonder when they whiff that swing, frustration and negative self-talk starts to creep in.  All action originates in the mind.  And the more negative self talk about your game, the more you tense up, then your swing suffers because tight muscles can restrict the backswing causing the downswing  to go off plane.

Great golfers need practice and experience, but that’s not all. To make the most of your current golfing abilities, you also need the right mind set. A calm focused mind enhances your swing no matter what the conditions or who you are playing with.  When your mind is laser focused, all distractions fade away.

The Perfect Golf Swing self-hypnosis download can teach you how to get into the ‘zone’. Hypnosis for golf is very effective because it stops the mental chatter that creates tension that ultimately ruins your swing. So many people let excess emotions such as anxiety or anger sabotage the state of flow needed to produce the perfect golf swing.  Playing golf well is all about focus. The Perfect Golf Swing will get you focused on the process of your swing and not on the outcome. When you are performing at your best, all thoughts of results and outcome disappear as you become exclusively focused on what you are doing.  By using this hypnosis download a few times you will be able to direct your attention away from distractions like chatting with your friends to swinging the club with a calm, laser-like focus in a matter of moments.

Everyone has experienced that disappointing gap between practice and the challenge of translating that great practice session to your on-course performance. A practice round of golf can go smoothly and build high hopes. But, on the course, when criticism and self-doubt creep in, performance can go out of the window.  Maybe on the driving range your swing works well, but somehow during a game it can let you down!

The Perfect Golf Swing hypnosis download is designed to help golfers who want to merge their practice ease with their performance play. This script helps to create – and then maintain – the calm and focused mindset that underlies all good golf. The pre-talk delivers a personalized coaching session in mental skills. It takes the player through a process of enlightenment to begin the transformation of their attitude towards their own actions on the golf course.

But conscious understanding of the process is just the groundwork. Constructing the new mental attitude requires the skills and powers of the imagination.  After all, a positive mental attitude is imperative because it directly impacts your performance. This hypnosis session taps into creating a positive attitude through an extended induction script designed to instill a full awareness that focus and attitude can be implemented at will, and that certain consequences are inevitable.

Attention is then directed to the impact of direct focus on delivering the perfect swing on a consistent basis. Powerful associations are built between trigger words and particular actions.

The only place you can practice perfectly is in your mind –where there is no judgement and criticism … only you going through the motions mentally.  When you set aside 20 min a day to mentally rehearse your golf swing, you can improve your performance.

Let’s face it, golf is a very unpredictable game. As Arnold Palmer states from his 1965 book My Game and Yours “Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated…It satisfies the soul and frustrates the intellect. It is at the same time rewarding and maddening… and It is without a doubt the greatest game mankind has ever invented.”  So, putting unnecessary pressure on yourself during a round of golf is such a waste of an enjoyable round.

Take the time to productively relax and work on your golf game at the same time.  The benefits of self-hypnosis can have a positive affect on you as you head out to the golf course next weekend knowing you have a positive mental approach to your golf swing.  For more information and to check out this self-hypnosis session, I invite you to click the link below!