It’s always fun to try something new so why not alcohol-soaked gummy bears…  or as the lady golfers call them, Par Bears.   I decided to do a test batch in my kitchen to figure out the taste and to determine if the final product could travel well onto the golf course.  

As you can see from the picture, I did my test in small batches and decided to use my favorite birdie juice…Fireball Whiskey and Coconut Vodka.  I actually used two different methods to create my little Par Bears… one batch with refrigeration and one without.  When I made the first batch, I poured the alcohol over the gummies and let them sit on my counter at room temperature for 24 hours.  The second batch I let soak in the refrigerator and here are the results.

It was fun to sample the two different alcohol flavors, but I really liked the Fireball Cinnamon Par Bears …. or maybe the Coconut Vodka Par Bears… ok, they were both delicious.  But they did become gooey and sticky and I was glad they were made in small batches.  We needed to eat them using a spoon or toothpicks. I have seen other people use the whole package of gummy bears and honestly, it would seem that they would become a clump of stickiness — I think it works best if the gummies are not piled on top of each other and spread in a single layer as much as possible.  That’s why I opted to make small, single batches in individual cups.

My next test was to use the same small batch method, but this time I put the gummies in the fridge covered with plastic wrap for 24 hours.  Most of the alcohol was soaked up this time as well, but it did seem like the gummies were not as gooey and sticky when just taken out of the refrigerator. The gummies did not become too hard or chewy to eat when cold.  However, when I left this batch out on the counter and brought to room temperature, this batch also became somewhat gooey and sticky although still very tasty.

So, here is the final verdict.  I would not bring Par Bears onto the golf course.  Way too sticky and messy and hard to eat without a utensil although I guess you could just try to dump the contents of the container into your mouth. 

However, just because the Par Bears don’t travel well onto the golf course, they would be so much fun when hosting a golf-themed party and served in individual cups as a fun way for lady golfers to sample Birdie Juice and Par Bears.

As far as gummy candy recommendations, I did find two really great options.  The Haribo Goldbears features 5 flavors, and the Albanese brand features a whopping 12 flavors.  It was easy to find the Haribo brand at any local store, but if you want the Albanese Gummi Bears, you might have to order them online through Amazon!