There are so many suggestions about what to eat while playing golf.  I really get a kick out of all the latest recommendations …. some people suggest packing healthy veggie’s and hummus dip… hey, why not take it a step further and bring along a charcuterie tray with meats, cheese and fruit?  (ok, I AM being a little snarky!)  How does anyone have the time and space to eat anything as complicated as a veggie tray, hummus dip, cheese, jelly and meats while playing golf?   

As a beginner golfer, I’ve made a lot of mistakes when bringing snacks to the golf course.  My first snack was a chocolate covered protein bar I grabbed from home just so that I would have something to munch on.  That turned out to be a huge mistake – it didn’t occur to me that my protein bar would turn into a melty chocolatey mess which got all over my golf glove as I tried to eat it.  Worst of all, I didn’t have a spare glove to change into. Note to self…. NO chocolate on the golf course, ever, not even a chocolate chip cookie.  The other mistake I made was to show up on the golf course with no snacks at all. And that was an equally bad idea. At the 12th hole my energy began to wane, and my hunger panes grew louder.  That was my second note to self…. bring a snack!  Over the years, I did learn that munching on something quick and light over the course of 18 holes actually kept my energy level up and I played on a more even keel to avoid that 12th-hole slump.

So, what are the options?  Grabbing a hot dog at the turn is great as long as it doesn’t have any messy condiments on it that ends up all over your golf glove and the cart.  At one charity outing, we were given a turkey wrap, chips, and cookies in one of those styrofoam “to go” containers to take onto the golf course with us.  First of all, the container was a little too awkward to store anywhere in the golf cart; then the turkey wrap was pretty good, but did fall apart.  Some people might be able to eat sandwiches in two bites, but that’s not me.  I like to take a couple of small bites, put my snack down in between shots, then munch again later.

Everyone has their own golf snack preference and I have gotten some great ideas from my cart mates. I know the latest craze is to bring super healthy snacks to make sure you are able to power through all 18 holes.  There is enough judging that goes on while playing golf, so I don’t judge people’s snack choices. Don’t feel pressure to make sure you choose foods only your mom would approve or else you might be in danger of ending up in the ICU. Let’s face it, the game is typically played in 4 ½ hours.   I’m sure there have been other times in your life you have managed to go 4 hours with minimal food at hand.  Bottom line, we are on the golf course to play a round of golf –it’s not an 18-hole picnic. 

Choose small quick snacks that don’t leave a mess all over your glove or the cart.  Save the messy stuff for after the golf game, when you can kick back and relax at the 19th hole!

Here are some of my favorite grab and go snacks!

Dry Roasted Nuts and Trail Mix Individual Packs

There are tons of great options everywhere.  Just try to find the dry roasted mixed nuts (and I like salted) but unsalted is great too if that is your preference.  The dry roasted are not too greasy so you can keep your hands and golf glove clean. I tend to bring single serve packets and always bring enough to share with my cart mate!

Built Bars

These protein bars can be hard to find, so going to their website is your best bet.  These taste great and they carry lots of flavor options for everyone, and better yet, they do offer Built Bars with and without nuts.  Highly recommended.

Quest Cookies

You can find Quest Cookies just about everywhere and they are very popular. These cookies are easy to carry out onto the golf course and they have enough flavors to make everyone happy.  There is a 12-count variety pack available through Amazon so that you can taste test all of the great flavor options.

BelVita Cookies

These cookies are marketed more as a crunchy biscuit rather than a cookie.  I have quite a few golfer buddies that like to snack on these during their golf game.  Often times I will keep a few packs in my car to grab on go when I am on the run.  Better yet,  they don’t get soft on a hot day and they don’t get messy on your golf glove either.

Beef Jerky

You are either a fan of beef jerky or you’re not.  I rarely have met that person who is in the middle. but for those who love it, there are so many great products on the market.  Here are some great brands out there!  Jack Links can be purchased in individual packets making it a great grab and go option.  There are so many brands out there it will be easy to find a brand that suits you.

Lance Variety Pack Sandwich Crackers

Lance Crackers have been a snack staple forever.  Everyone loves these little crackers and I often buy them to keep in my car to munch on when I am on the run.  And they are easy to toss into your golf bag as you play golf. I know many gals who just want an easy, flavorful savory crunch cracker sandwich on the golf course. Bring enough for the crowd.  Not every snack has to have that healthy tag… sometimes you just want to much something tasty and filling and bring enough to share with everyone.  The Lance Variety Pack are great to share with everyone!