Every golf course has its challenges – that stretch of water, sand traps, bunkers, roads, trees, rough… you name it, it’s going to be in your path.  Then whatever the hazard, something in your brain goes ‘click’ when you think about taking the shot and that is the start of your confidence deteriorating.

It’s easy enough playing down a straight, smooth fairway. But many golfers find themselves tensing up in front of a tricky obstacle – and when its water, most golfers visualize the ball splashing right into it.  And, in anticipation of losing a ball what do most golfers do?  They continue the negative self-talk and set themselves up to fail when they grab that special “water ball” just in case.  You see, emotionally, once you pull out that water ball, you have already told yourself you are not going to make it to the green.

What’s the big deal about hitting over hazards?  What do golfers think and feel as they look ahead, see the hazard, stand over a shot, visualize that water obstacle between them and the green?  The tension and apprehension start.  Hazards are there to mess with your mind and your game.  You know the holes you hate. You might have one or two on your regular course that no matter how often you play them, they throw you off your game. Or maybe a certain type of hazard that always adds shots to your card.

You may not notice, but even low levels of tension throw off the fine muscle tone and balance required to play your best golf. When golfers become tense in the upper body, that stops them from making a great shot where otherwise they wouldn’t have a problem.   Normally, without the obstacle, you would step up and make the shot without any apprehension whatsoever.   The golf course designers put those obstacles around the golf course just to make it tough for you.   A challenging course makes for great golf. That’s why they are there.  So, you need to approach this shot by changing the way you think about it.

You have to adjust your self-talk.  You have to get it into your head the water, or any other obstacle, is something to approach as a challenge for sure but something you can take control of.  You want to walk up to that shot knowing that you have the right club in your hand, set up, swing away and let it go. If you swing believing that you are going to make it to the green, then your chances of making that shot are much better.

Did you know that’s what professional golfers do?  Many have learned and used the techniques of self-hypnosis to clear that doubtful self-talk that sabotages their shots.

Putting your mind into a confident state is a skill you can develop to approach those hazards. You can put your mind at ease and view obstacles as a comfortable challenge by exchanging the feeling of apprehension with a feeling that these obstacles are ‘nothing very much’, ‘easy’, ‘no trouble’. Just a part of the game.

Just as with any other shot, when you hit over hazards your mind needs to be just right. A hazard is only a hazard if you see it that way. The ‘Hitting over hazards‘ self-hypnotic session will train your instincts to relax when approaching hazards enabling you to ‘go into the zone’ every time.

The “Hitting Over Hazards” by HypnosisDownloads has been designed to achieve two ends. It will help you learn the skills of accepting obstacles in stride, and then it will train you in the art of entering and maintaining a confident state to play your best when confronted by water and other obstacles.

This subconscious experience of easily entering a state of ‘relaxed readiness’ opens the mind to the possibilities of transformation. In essence, the golfer teaches themselves what they need to know. And, like any learner, the hypnosis session allows them to mentally rehearse transforming the way they approach hazards into easy opportunities until this comes naturally.

According to Gio Valiante, Ph.D., the mental game consultant to the Golf Channel and Golf Digest states “Hypnotherapy can be a powerful vehicle for psychological change in golfers. The improvements in focus and confidence that can result from hypnotherapy are exactly what many golfers need.”

I personally have used Hypnosis Downloads products many times and really enjoy the positive feelings and thoughts offered via their downloads.  Don’t worry, you won’t end up running around squawking like a chicken as seen from on-stage hypnosis acts.  Hypnosis is just one more training tool you can use as you bring your golf game to the next level.

If you want more information about this particular self-hypnosis that will help you “Hit Over Hazards”, I invite you to click the link below for more information.  Happy Golfing!