What is the one thing beginner golfers (and let’s face it… most golfers) fear the most?  The feeling that “everyone is watching me!”  Yes, when it’s your turn to drive off the tee, hit a fairway shot, or putt, guess what… yes, everyone IS watching you.  It’s just part of the game and something that you will have to get used to.  This is when nervousness and anxiety can start to creep in.  So, it’s not enough that you have to remember all the mechanics involved with all the different shots you need to make, now you have to calm down your tenseness.   And, when you are tense and thinking about everything else going on around you, that’s when you put a death grip on the club, your muscles tighten, you think about everyone watching you, and then you flub the shot.  Then the self-talk starts…. “I am never going to get this game”; “I did so well at the driving range, and now I can’t hit the ball”; “everyone else is better than me” and on and on. 

Whew…. So exhausting.  I thought golf was supposed to be fun!?!

There is a way to calm down that self-talk.  And that’s where hypnosis can help.  In fact, most elite athletes engage in some form of self-hypnotic techniques.  

Hypnosis isn’t some weird woo woo mantra you repeat to yourself.  The overall purpose is to help you develop your mind/body connection.  If you are like most golfers, you spend most of your time learning the mechanics of the game, but rarely invest the time in the emotional side of the game.  Just like learning the mechanics of the game is a skill, so too is learning to master your emotions and calm that internal critic.

Let’s face it, you are probably very successful in your business or personal life.  You have a lot of successes under your belt and can handle the pressure.  But golf is a very unique game that has so many moving parts, much like a big puzzle.   Then you decide to take up golf and now you are the rookie and you have to relegate yourself to being the beginner, the newbie, and you know in life how that feels.

Hypnosis can’t teach you the mechanics of the golf game.  You still have to do that.  What it can do is turn down the volume of that self-critic running around inside your head driving you nuts.

According to Gio Valiante, Ph.D., the mental game consultant to the Golf Channel and Golf Digest says “Hypnotherapy can be a powerful vehicle for psychological change in golfers. The improvements in focus and confidence that can result from hypnotherapy are exactly what many golfers need.”  (Source: Annual Golf Coaching, 2009)

As for me, yes, I use self-hypnosis all the time for many reasons.  I find it hard to focus when I have so many things to pay attention to on the golf course, you know, yakking with the girls, trying to find the right tee box, picking out the right club…lots of info running through my head, especially on the golf course.

I discovered the resource called Hypnosis Downloads long before I picked up the game of golf. I actually started using hypnosis to try to lose a few pounds.  Then, once I started to play golf, they sent me information announcing their new Hypnosis Download golf series and I thought, why not give it a try. The best part is, it is not expensive at all and costs less than a sleeve of balls.  This little investment can help you achieve some nice benefits and every little thing helps with the game of golf. I suggest starting at….  Tee Off with Confidence and see how it works out for you.  I am one of those people that has to stick with something awhile so it took a little time to experience results. That’s just me.  Your experience, just like golf, will be unique to you.  Take time out of your busy schedule to chillax to a 25 min hypnosis tape that just might take your game to the next level.