When I first started playing golf, it never crossed my mind that I should be doing some sort of workout routine.  I figured I was out on the golf course swinging a club, running up and down the hills after my ball, hauling around a 30-pound golf bag, and doing lots of bending to pick up those 3-putts. Surely, that is enough exercise for anyone in a day. Honestly, by the end of the round of golf I was exhausted. And, as all beginner golfers know, it takes the beginner golfer far more shots to get to the putting green than an experienced player.  So, you are definitely working harder as a beginner.

I was taking group lessons with some other ladies when I started to notice something. Our instructor was very aware of physical limitations affecting the golf swing and would often poll the group about any discomfort they had. There were ankle problems, sore muscles, but more prevalent were their sore backs. One gal needed an ice pack between sessions to get relief.  What was my takeaway?  I honestly did not have any pain whatsoever and I was a 60-ish lady. So, why didn’t I have any pain or discomfort?

Then I began to put two and two together to equal fore! About six months earlier, I began a little workout routine I found on my local PBS station. Both my golf instructor and my workout instructor were giving similar directions which mostly centered around ensuring the correct form with all moves… get into your stance, back straight, knees bent, feet grounded, hold your position, etc.  Then it dawned on me… the workout I was doing was keeping me functionally fit to handle the rigors of the golf swing.

That workout was called Basic Workout PlusTM developed by exercise physiologist, Teresa Tapp, who had more than 20+ years’ experience in the fitness industry.  It has been over 6 years since I discovered the Basic Workout PlusTMand I am committed to keeping this workout an integral part of my life because it has been my secret to my stamina, endurance, flexibility, and strength both on and off the golf course.

I will be sharing more stories about the Basic Workout Plus along with other great workout routines I discover that really supports keeping yourself in the game of life.  I truly believe exercise is the fountain of youth and I decided to become a Certified Fitness Trainer and I also certified to teach the Basic Workout PlusTM which I lovingly refer to as Ladies Golf Fitness with a TwistTM  because there are several moves within the routine that really focus on rehabbing the spine which is important to help your body prepare for the explosive spine torque that occurs with the golf swing.

I will be sharing more great information about this workout and others to keep yourself fit for golf. Stay tuned!