The color is beautiful and the taste is devine.  I was introduced to the flavor of lavender when I was at a lady’s luncheon and the dessert was Lavender cupcakes.  The lavender frosting beautifully crowned the lovely cupcake. I had to taste it. Once I took a bite, I was hooked.  Where had this incredible flavor been all my life.  I learned that the lavender flower is a genus in the mint family.  Yes, I could taste mint but not exactly. The cupcake I ate that day was the traditional white flour/sugar version.  I always wanted to see if I could create a version that was low carb, high fat (LCHF) which didn’t use traditional sugar but substituted the newer low carb sweeteners available. After much research, trial and error, and searching for the best ingredients, I came up with this version.  I tend to not add as much sweetener, so you can taste test your batch and add more sweetener if you desire. Also, be very careful with the lavender since adding too much can make the flavor too strong.  You are going for a nice, subtle lavender flavor.  I hope you enjoy this lovely Lavender Cupcake as much as my family does.