One thing I have learned as a new golfer at an older age, it can be somewhat perplexing to
figure out how to make connections with other lady golfers to go on golf trips. The whole
process can seem pretty hit or miss depending upon who you meet, finding ladies who are
interested in traveling, and connecting to a ladies-only group. About 5 years ago, when I was
still a beginner, I threw caution to the wind and booked a trip with a group I found online group which offered a ladies-only golf trip to Angel Park Golf
Course in Las Vegas with Canadian golf pro Lisa “Longball” Vlooswyk ( ).
Las Vegas and golf… count me in!
The trip logistics once I arrived in Las Vegas were just perfect. I had never been on a golf trip
before and had no idea what to expect. A limo was waiting for me at the airport to take me to
the hotel. I am the type of person who always arrives a day early so I can enjoy the resort and
get the lay of the land so that I am ready for whatever is waiting for me the next day. What a
whirlwind once the activities began. We had 3 days of golfing, eating, drinking and great fun. I
never once felt out of place or uncomfortable as a beginner or a single traveler. As a newbie, I
didn’t bring my own golf clubs for a couple of reasons, 1) I didn’t have the right travel bag to
transport them; and 2) My clubs were a cheap starter set and I was hoping to try out some
nicer clubs. It did work out great and I was able to rent clubs at the golf course and, even
better, my loaner set included a “Scotty Cameron” putter which I learned was a very big deal. I
felt pretty special with that putter when all the other golfers were “oohing and aahing” over the
Another thing I learned that golf schools usually enlist a golf pro to teach the clinics. As it
turned out, this golf school invited Lisa “Longball” Vlooswyk , an 8-Time
Canadian Long Drive National Champion for women.  She seemed like she knew her stuff, after
all, she placed in the Top 5 at the 2016 World Long Drive Championships, she is an LDA Tour
Champion and a Callaway Golf sponsored athlete. During the 3-day program, I can honestly say
it wasn’t high pressure or beyond my capability. Lisa’s assistants helped me pinpoint areas to
focus on once I returned home. I have taken those suggestions to heart and have used the

information many times to improve my golf game 5 years later. Lisa was anything but a stuffy
golf pro. She was extremely approachable, fun, and so attentive to us ladies. In fact, one day I
arrived at the golf course after lunch was over and she immediately noticed I hadn’t eaten. She
went out of her way to bring a boxed lunch. Not only is she a great golfer, but an honestly
gracious beautiful lady as well. I was very touched to be so well-taken care of.
I came back from that trip so energized I knew that I was going to stick with this amazing game.
The other ladies treated this beginner golfer so kindly and gave me such great pointers for
which I am eternally grateful. Why? Because putting yourself out there is hard. Yet, these ladies
couldn’t have been more welcoming. One experienced golf took me under her wing during one
of my rounds of golf and really taught me so many little nuances of the game. At that time, I
didn’t even know how to drive the golf cart.
Many women my age become invisible and sometimes as a beginner golfer, experienced golfers
can over-look you, which anyone over 60ish can attest to. I never once felt ignored, alone,
discounted or overlooked.
I highly recommend finding a travel group that you can join as a lady golfer. If you are back in
the game after many years, or at a point where you are ready for a fun golf trip, don’t be afraid
to join in with a group. When calling the travel group, ask questions about the makeup of the
golfers to make sure there are other single ladies. In other words, if you are not traveling with
a spouse or partner, you wouldn’t want to be with a group that is primarily couples.
Take a chance and put yourself out there. You might be pleasantly surprised, just as I was, with
my first golf trip experience.