We ladies love to take little tests and quizzes to find out more about ourselves. Haven’t you taken a test on Facebook, or filled out a magazine questionnaire to learn more about your personality.  It’s fun to analyze your favorite color, or to find the best shade of makeup just for you.   These tests are great because they tell us a little bit more about ourselves, giving us a little more insight about who we are and what makes us tick.  

That’s exactly what the TPI Body-Swing Connection Assessment is all about.  It’s not some long, complicated battery of tests that takes days to get results.  In fact, it’s fun, easy and unique because there isn’t one lady golfer who doesn’t want to know all there is to know about her golf game and how to improve.

When I decided to earn the TPI Level 1 Fitness Certification I had no idea how eye opening it would be. I was introduced to solid information about fitness, body mechanics and how each person needs to develop the golf swing that fits their unique physical capabilities.  

Earning the certification wasn’t the easiest process… I had to first complete an online pre-requisite course, followed by attendance at the 2-day in-person training seminar, then pass the concentrated exam to finalize my certification credentials.  It was a whirlwind of intense learning that took well over 3 months from start to finish.   I was so glad I made the effort, because the Level 1 Fitness Certification sets the foundation of how to administer the Body-Swing Connection Assessment. 

The assessment takes less than one hour to complete, yet you walk away with a 10+ page report customized to you.  The information you gather about yourself can become the foundation to better golf. How? Because it doesn’t matter if you have all the best equipment in the world if you have certain physical issues that affect your golf swing.

For example, who hasn’t been awestruck with that one golfer who seems to strike that ball with incredible power.  So, you buy a similar driver, mimic her stance, use the same golf balls, hit balls for hours, and nothing changes.  Because there is a fundamental truth about golf. You cannot swing your club like anyone else.  So, how should you swing your club?  That’s where the TPI Body-Swing Assessment comes in.

The Assessment was developed by The Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) which evaluated thousands of people of all different shapes, sizes, muscular build, physical capabilities and more to develop the 12 most common swing characteristics (aka problems) that many golfers experience.  Should you invest just one hour of your time to learn more about your golf swing?  Absolutely.  What you will learn will carry over to your golf practice, golf lessons, golf equipment, fitness programs and more.  Many people think their inability to make great shots can be fixed with more lessons, better equipment, more practice, but that’s not always true.  Once you have completed the 14 Physical screens, the information is fed into an online program where a 10+ page customized report is generated to provide important datapoints about you.   Many people I have Assessed are surprised by the results because the body is an amazing machine and great at compensating for weak areas.  When you can identify those weak areas, and how it can be affecting your golf swing, you can put together an action plan to correct those weak areas.  Then you can share your report with your golf instructor, fitness coach, or whomever you want.

You don’t need to be an expert golfer to have an assessment. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced golfer, an assessment can be the foundation to keep you in the game for golf.  

For more information about taking the Assessment to Better Golf, send a message to TeeRifficU@outlook.com!