How does magnesium figure into golf?  Just like anything that might improve your game, magnesium is a secret weapon that most people don’t even realize they should pay attention to.   I never realized the importance of magnesium until I attended the most wonderful ladies’ “healthy” weekend when we were treated to a magnesium foot soak while eating our delicious lunch.  Imagine 200 women in a beautiful dining room and each of us being treated to a lovely warm foot soak at the same time.  It was truly a memorable experience.   

Magnesium Foot Soak!

But even more so, I really did listen and take to heart the importance of magnesium, so much so that I decided to give this “miracle mineral” a try.   The speaker and sponsor of the foot soak was Joan Schrader who hosts an informative website which I highly recommend.  There is no way I can adequately explain the detailed benefits of magnesium so I invite you to visit her website for tons of great information.

This is how magnesium changed my life. At the time of that foot soak, I was taking up to 6 Tylenol a day and would experience a serious migraine at least two times a month.  In typical fashion, my doctor diagnosed me with stress related issues, but nothing definitive to alleviate my chronic headaches.  I have suffered from low level headaches every day since I was a little kid and sometimes the headaches would escalate to migraines.

Trying to deal with headaches and migraines totally interfered with my ability to enjoy many things in life including golf. It’s very difficult to plan life around a potential headache and a migraine. Ok, here’s where the miracle came in for me.  I started trying different types of magnesium… there are foot soaks, topical creams and gels, and supplements.  Everyone is different with the type and amount of magnesium that works for you.  What worked for me were supplements where I needed to take approximately 500mg of magnesium daily (so I take 250mg in the morning and 250 mg in the evening). I eventually settled upon a supplement called Magnesium SRT produced by JigsawHealth.   If you are going to take supplements, it is extremely important to purchase products that are pure, high quality and void of fillers — Jigsaw Health products fit the bill as a very high quality product.   

Here is where my miracle comes in…. I no longer have headaches or migraines.  These symptoms/conditions were directly related to my lack of magnesium.  Once I corrected my imbalance, it seems that so many medical conditions I was experiencing just seemed to resolve themselves.  With all the hype and pill pushing in our world today, I am very hesitant to discuss the benefits of supplementation, but I do believe that everyone should consider magnesium whether you choose a dietary lifestyle change choosing magnesium-rich foods, high-quality supplements, or topical solutions.    

All I know is, I can play golf 3 times a week without the worry of a headache interfering with my ability to get out on the course and enjoy a round with my friends.