Wouldn’t you like to know the true age of the body you are living in?   There is an impressive scientifically based assessment tool you can use to determine how your health stacks up against other people in your age group.  

The assessment tool is called RealAge …   a tool that over 45 million people have used to figure out the health of their body as opposed to their chronological age.

Using the RealAge assessment tool is easy but before you begin you will need to have a few key pieces of information handy.  First, get out your tape measure to measure your waist (a little above your belly button) and keep that number handy.  You also need to know your blood pressure, cholesterol, and your HDL numbers.   If you don’t know these numbers or have never had a blood test then now is the time. Give you doctor a call and ask how you can get this information.  

Next, go online to www.Sharecare.com/RealAge and create your profile which takes a couple of minutes. This assessment tool is free but don’t confuse this assessment with one of those quickie tests you find online that is really designed to sell you something else.  This assessment is backed by research and according to co-creator Dr. Mehmet Oz, it is a dead-on accurate estimator of your health because it uses your eating, exercise, sleep habits, family history and existing conditions to crunch the numbers and deliver the results.

I came across the RealAge Assessment Tool in a text book I was using when studying for my Senior Fitness Certification.  I decided to take the test to find my own RealAge.  Taking the test was a real eye opener.  I was hoping I wouldn’t test older than my current age as I was going through the 30-minute on-line questionnaire.

I am happy to say I took the test last year at this time and just re-took the test again and I consistently scored younger than my chronological age by 8 years. Woo Hoo!  The results are a great motivator to keep a healthy lifestyle going!  How about your lifestyle?

If there is bottom-line advice, it is the fact that a healthy lifestyle is critical to aging fit not frail especially for those of us who are 55+.  As we age, we are all going to experience health challenges.  Our ability to recover and continue an active full life reflects directly back to the decision we make to build and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Take the time now to go to www.Sharecare.com/RealAge and take the RealAge Assessment today!