I picked up a book years ago called “Naked On The First Tee” by Ann Kelly which describes perfectly what it feels like to drive off the first tee box.  She states in her book “The first shot is often the most nerve-wracking one – that naked feeling.”  Yes, I agree.  That’s when all the other golfers are watching and you are more prone to missing the shot.  That’s because you start to over-think and become aware of people judging you.

What is it about that first tee?  Why do so many golfers dread that first shot. The trouble is, no matter how many hours you spend on the driving range, it doesn’t prepare your mind for the pressure of that first shot. And that’s where mental preparation comes in.  As you step onto the tee box you wonder if you will perform at your best? Will you make a mess of your first shot? The self-doubt starts to creep in.

Self-doubt can happen to anyone anytime. I play with lots of ladies who are far better at golf than I am.  Recently, one of the gals in my league made three air shots right in front of the club house and, of course, was mortified.  This from a gal with a handicap of 15. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and those flubs affected the rest of her game.   But you know what it’s like – despite your best efforts, as negative thoughts creep in they stick around in your mind even long after the round is over.

This can happen to anyone. What you want is to step onto that first tee box with confidence and assurance.  Because once you start on that negative path, you can expect your game to go downhill.

Your goal is to turn that negative self-talk into a positive conversation. You want to walk to that first tee with the same calmness you possess at the practice range. To perform at your best, you need to relax and focus completely on the shot. To do this consistently you need to train your brain to ‘be in the zone’, which becomes an instinctive response to teeing off. It would be great to develop a level of consistency, focus and confidence that starts right at the first tee and carries you throughout the round. Everyone loves to use Tiger Woods as an example, and here is what I learned…  that Tiger also used the power of self-hypnosis to visualize every swing and stroke in his mind before executing it.  Do you do that?  Actually, most amateur golfers haven’t initiated that same discipline in their own game simply because it is something, they haven’t been exposed to… until now.

Yes. There is a way to Stop Nerves from Ruining Your First Tee Shot!

You can use self-hypnosis to train your brain to be focused and relaxed when you tee off. The great thing about hypnosis for golf performance is using it to practice both the shot itself, and to positively affect the way you feel while making the shot. With self-hypnosis, you can mentally practice hitting off the first tee over again and again, doing it perfectly every time to ingrain the action in your muscle memory and make that brain-to-body connection.

Use the ‘Tee Off with Confidence‘ hypnosis session a few times before your next round and you’ll notice the difference immediately. The first tee will change from something to be endured into an enjoyable and fun experience. You can easily listen using your smart phone and headphones while deeply relaxing. Just download the Hypnosis Download app which you can access to gently change the way you think about that first tee.

The Tee off with Confidence Hypnosis Script has been crafted by experts from Hypnosis Downloads who really understand how golfers can misuse their imagination to trip themselves up – or, conversely, to use it to bring out the best in themselves on the golf course and elsewhere.

The Tee Off With Confidence Script starts with a brief pre-talk to enlighten the golfer about the real secrets of focus – but it is more important to work on the unconscious emotional and mental patterns that underlie tension on the tee box.

The instruction is built on a set of stacked truisms which engage the imagination to generate different reality states. Embedded suggestions confirm the individual’s power to control responses in ways they never thought possible.

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