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It’s never too late to get into the game of golf. Ladies golf is a great way to make friends, enjoy the great outdoors and be part of a lifestyle you can enjoy for years to come! This is the place for recreational and social golfers whether you’re a beginner or more experienced.  I invite you to browse around.  If there is a topic you would like me to cover, then send me a quick note using the form below.  

New to golf?  Just getting back into the game? Want to find great info you won’t find anywhere else?

You’re in the sweet spot!

We cover lots of great topics.  Click on the pictures to go directly to specific pages!

Ways To Improve Your Game

Discover ways to improve your game!  We include info from instructors; delve into how learning is different from playing; how using guided meditation could work for you and lots of  more. 

Let's Get Fit

Yes, you need exercise to stay in the game of golf. There are fun and interesting fitness routines to fit everyone. This page explores both golf specific routines to give you the stamina, flexibility, and strength tolay golf.  Also check out the  Aging Fit Not Frail page for more  ways to maintain wellness.

Health & Beauty

Give your body the TLC it deserves both on and off the course.  Protect yourself while playing, and pamper yourself after a great round!

Best Golf Resources You Need To Check Out

We come across tons of great information and resources as we research different topics.  This is the place you will find more info about fun resources.  Take a look around!

Just for Foodies

Think of food as fuel to get you through 18 holes for enhanced stamina and concentration. Then celebrate at the 19th hole with delicious food and beverages. Check out the Azalea cocktail from the Masters!

Cute Golf Clothes on a Budget

Discover cute products — some practical, some whimsical and some “must haves” for no particular reason.   Also check out  How to Outfit your Golf Lifestyle on a  Budget… great info located below!

Outfit Your Golf Lifestyle On A Budget

Online Shops for Ladies Golf Clothes

Most local golf stores have a very limited selection for women with sky-high prices!  We have put together some great resources for you to check out when buying new golf clothes! You don’t have to spend a fortune to look great.  And, we recommend certain brands for different body shapes and sizes.  Check it out!

Hats, Shoes & Gloves

Let’s face it, hats, shoes and gloves are crucially important to achieving a great look with maximum comfort and performance. Especially with selecting the right shoes.  There are so many options!

Golf Accessories

There are so many fun golf accessories, some must haves and some because they are just fun. We evaluate items from golf tees, to stroke counters, range finders, ball markers and so much more.

Bags, Balls & Clubs

Investing in golf clubs and a bag is a big step whether you are a beginner or more experienced. We will share our research and experience on ways to outfit your game sensibly with room to grow as your experience level increases.

Books for Beginners and Beyond

There are so many books and resources  about golf it’s hard to know what to choose. There is great info geared to beginners as well as specific topics such as the short game, putting, maintaining a handicap and so much more that  will be helpful.


For those times when you’re stuck inside and can’t actually play golf, you can kick back and watch great videos about golf.  Ladies, if you havn’t seen The Founders, the origins of the LPGA, host a movie night with your golf gal pals, serve up some birdie juice and be inspired.  There’s lots of great movies and videos about golf!

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